I need help configuring a variable in a dashboard. What I have passes the JSON check, but is seen as 2 unnamed variables.

Lets take a look at what you have now and introduce you to our query template feature.

Hey Gravwell team, I'm trying to configure a variable in a dashboard, but it is seen as 2 unnamed variables. Here is the code I'm trying to use, which has passed the JSON check:

  "variables": {
    "label": "USER",
    "description": "Enter the username you're troubleshooting"
  "searches": [
Before we go too deep into this I want to point you to the "new" way of doing this with our query templates feature that was released in 4.0. Version 4.0 was released in August 2020. Query templates are searches configured to use variables and then these search templates can be added to a dashboard to create the investigative dashboards. We went this direction to help with organization. The old way should still work, but we aren't planning on enhancing that feature so we highly recommend trying out the templates feature,
The dashboard JSON after using a query template will end up looking something like:

      "alias": "Search 1",

      "timeframe": {},

      "reference": {

        "id": "c6420707-be44-4880-8933-0319571b7ca9",

        "type": "template",

        "extras": {

          "defaultValue": ""



      "searchID": 5148099909



I believe the above will resolve the issue. If you're having an issue using query templates or just have some questions please reach out to support@gravwell.io anytime!