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My system has full disks and stopped ingesting! How do I delete data?

Configuring data ageout will have you up in no time!

The key to preventing full disks is to make sure you are aging out your data. 

Age out is configured in your  /opt/gravwell/etc/gravwell.conf configuration file.

We suggest running the following command to see which well is the largest and then using that information to help configure your ageout appropriately:

du -hs /opt/gravwell/storage/* 

With a list of your largest wells and your gravwell.conf file open and ready to edit head on over to our Data Ageout documentation to find which method works best for you.



To immediately clean data out you can temporarily set your data age out to 1 day, but warning: You must specify either Delete-Cold-Data (if using only a hot well) or Delete-Frozen-Data (if using both hot & cold wells) if you want data to be actually removed from the disk. These settings require explicit authorization from the user, because our general policy is to never delete anything unless asked. If you do not include the appropriate deletion parameter in your well config, data will never be deleted and your disk will eventually fill up!