Do you have any template dashboards available with the Community Edition?

The Gravwell GUI has support for importing and exporting pre-built dashboards. We're making community building tools but in the meantime, check the blog for some handy import codes.

We're releasing a series of posts that have dashboard import codes around some standard data. Check out the initial blog post announcing the community edition to find a list of links for all posts in The Complete Guide to Building a Home Operations Center.

We're working on making more tools to enable the community to build and share dashboards. Part of the challenge comes from disparate systems and no two networks being quite alike. Sometimes log formats change between versions of the same product. At least with the "ingest first ask questions later" mantra, you don't have to worry about losing data when one of your vendors changes their log formats. The worst that could happen is that it might break some existing dashboards but ingest hums along nicely so the ground truth is always available.