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How can I install Gravwell with deployment engines?

The Gravwell stand-alone installation candidate is designed to be deployed with little human intervention using installation arguments.

The standalone installers support installation flags which allow for supplying ready-to-roll configuration files as well as disabling all interactivity. See the Installer Options page for more information and examples.

Community Edition installers require an additional step as the installer does not contain an embedded license file. To complete an unattended Community Edition installation copy your license file to /opt/gravwell/etc/license with the user:group ownership of gravwell:gravwell then restart the core services using systemctl: gravwell_indexer and gravwell_webserver.

An example invocation of the standalone installer for an automated deployment might look like so:

bash /tmp/gravwell_installer.sh --use-config /tmp/gravwell.conf --no-questions

You can also provide the instructions to default accept the EULA via environment variables. Setting `NO_ASK=yes` should cause the installer to skip EULA prompting questions.