I started the Gravwell search agent and web server. The web GUI is not coming up.

Here are some quick things to check to help troubleshoot

Please check that the webserver is running using the following command:
systemctl status gravwell_webserver
If you get a status of "active running" the next item to check is any critical errors by first checking the system log:
journalctl -u gravwell_webserver
Then check the webserver crash logs:
ls /opt/gravwell/log/crash/gravwell_webserver.service*
If you see any webserver crash logs with dates that correspond to the times where there were issues please grab them.
Some additional things to check are the logs in /opt/gravwell/log/web, specifically the tail end of error.log, warn.log, and maybe info.log
tail /opt/gravwell/log/*.log
If the any of the errors seen in logs do not help you resolve the issue double check your network configuration, in particular remember if you've just been opening ports in the firewall and just restarted the system it may have reset the rules.  https://dev.gravwell.io/docs/#!configuration/networking.md
If you continue to have issues please send a us a copy of all errors seen in the logs to support@gravwell.io and we'll help you get to the bottom of this!